FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does this process involve any surgery or medicines ?
Ans :This is an non surgical procedure. There is no surgery and no medicines for this process.

Does the Hair Pasting (Silicon Systems) process involve any follow up after the process?
Ans : Every month is necessary, to consult our company after Hair pasting.

What, we should consult your office again and again after Hair Weaving?
Ans : Every 3 months you should consult after Hair Weaving.

There is check in after the Hair Bonding treatment?
Ans : No follow up is necessary after the Hair Bonding process.

what, we can use this while riding on open vehicles and while swimming?
Ans : You can ride bare-headed on a bike, and you can also swim with it.

Shall we use shampoo, Oil, conditioner, gels and creams after this process?
Ans : Our treamtments allow you to use any products you wish for. Even oils. Normal shampooing and conditioning can be done.

what, is the duration of this process to get complete, when we met ur company?
Ans : The entire process will take 2 to 3 hours for all types of hair fixing.

: Hair Fixing process is conducted in hygienic environment?
Ans : Yes. It is performed by well trained and well expierieced people of your company.

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